The church knows what to do with gay Christians

The two most read volumes taking this position seem to be those by Matthew Vines and Ken Wilson. I think we should focus on the issue at hand, and make sure that we are right with God and our facts come from Him, so we aren't being hypocrites. Man and woman are created from his image.

the church knows what to do with gay Christians

To believe otherwise would be for me to understand that God is vengeful and has played a very cruel trick on me. We are not afraid to preach to a murderer, a thinker or even an adulterer, why should we be afraid to preach to the homosexuals etc? And if he did won't that make it impossible to go to heaven?

Knowing that if I find a man that I love and one day die god will seperate our two souls or even worse put us in hell. No exceptions. The church knows what to do with gay Christians have struggled to present the truth of God's word without acting in a quasi-enforcer role. I thought I finally had an explanation for the persistent sense of difference I'd felt since early childhood.

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Judge not not less ye be judged, it's not my job to judge anyone, that is God's job! I've heard in many places about accepting the homosexual as a whole person; yet how many times to you see the "orientation" itself becomes an identity crisis obsessed over by the homosexual person?

During my undergraduate degree, I basically gave up going to church altogether because it felt like all the Christian students were hardened anti-gay evangelicals. My advice: Pray about it and represent Jesus well with your decision. During the Civil War, British Presbyterian biblical scholars told their southern American colleagues who supported slavery the church knows what to do with gay Christians they were reading the Scriptural texts through cultural blinders.

For now, we should continue with Mark Lol but I firmly believe this is the truth.

  • I am a christian and I go to church, although right now i feel like its mostly forced upon me because I'm Anyhow I'm bi and I only told one of my youth leaders that I was and she supported me but now she in college so no one else there knows.
  • Openly gay men appointed to high office in the church - is this something Christians should be shocked by, or a cultural openness we should all embrace? There was a time when the very idea would have been treated with alarm and denial, but today the numbers of people who claim to love Christ while living in homosexuality are growing.
  • Christians are often faced with the question: Should I attend the same-sex wedding of my friend or loved one? While the Bible doesn't give an explicit yes or no, it does provide us with principles that should shape our response.
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Vines asserts that he maintains a belief in biblical authority, but with arguments like this one he is actually undermining it. Satan uses these deceived ones to march on calling Christians terriost that excites Satan.

Try to understand who they are as a person experiences, hopes, dreams, fears, etc.

The church knows what to do with gay Christians

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