Risk assessment measures utilized for female sex offenders in British Columbia

Firstly, however, we will provide a brief overview of Canadian attitudes and how the criminal justice system is organized. In most studies In terms of self-report measures, the SAQ may be useful as a tool for inclusion within a risk assessment protocol to inform the scoring of criminogenic needs.

Of the instruments relevant to more than basic risk prediction, the HCR and the LSI-R both were able to predict violence to a moderate degree in the current analysis and both have been developed to be theoretically and empirically-relevant to the assessment of risk. Recognizing the value of such qualitative information for violence risk management, these qualitative elements are often incorporated into descriptive formulations of risk in professional reports to stake holders.

The SAVRY is used to make assessments and recommendations about the nature and degree of risk that an adolescent may pose for future violence. It is used to a determine an offender's risk to reoffend in a partner assault; b identify the problem areas that contribute to partner assault; c determine levels and types of supervision and program services for partner abusers; and d assess an offender's suitability for work placements, community releases, or early release.

Violent recidivism of mentally disordered offenders: The development of a statistical prediction instrument. A final 4. In light of the limitations with first generation methods of assessment, the second generation of risk instruments were designed to provide proficient, standardized risk predictions.

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Canadian Legal Information Institute Only eight effect sizes were available for analysis, but it appears that the SAQ can contribute quite meaningfully to risk assessment. Thus, it would be premature to conclude that unstructured clinical judgments of risk are valuable at this point.

Nevertheless, Webster et al. In light of generally low base rates for violent misconduct and recidivism, it was necessary to consider this potential influence on effect sizes. Other variables were examined as possible moderators of the predictive validities for the instruments used to assess violence risk.

Given that a minimum criterion of 10 effect sizes per instrument was set for calculation of fail safe analyses to allow meaningful comparisons between the predictive validities of each instrument , these metrics were not calculated for institutional violence.

Criminal Justice and Behavior, 27, Many advances have been made in the assessment of general risk and dangerousness. This limits the professional use of the HCR In such cases, outlying effect sizes were inspected and only eliminated if there was a logical reason for exclusion; for example, a coding error or unique study characteristic e.

Additional assessment tools are used in many of the jurisdictions on a discretionary basis.

Risk assessment measures utilized for female sex offenders in British Columbia

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