Ontario sex ed curriculum cbc in Hollywood

Jotvinder Sodhi was one of the parents surveyed. This is supposed to be a place of higher learning-Education in Canada. For the most part, the changes bring Ontario in line with other provinces. Dissent on all manners of issues is the essence of democracy and freedom.

Ontario government releases new sex-ed curriculum, similar to scrapped version. Citytv Cityline Breakfast Television. Masturbation remains an optional teacher prompt in Grade 6, and anal sex continues to be first mentioned in Grade 7, in terms of delaying sexual activity until people are older.

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What is wrong with this picture? Experts with no agenda to grind except what is medically best and scientifically sound. An individual in Canada is free to believe any arbitrary notion they wish, but they should not be given a platform to argue against scientific knowledge and common sense. Please educate yourself — with real, scientific information, not bible verses.

Society, which includes the education system.

The ministry created the document after surveying the school council chairs at all 4, elementary schools in Ontario. These are my schools too. If they do, they are instructed not to inform parents. Haha, yes, I CAN imagine…all these intellectually dishonest folks uniting in their adherence to ancient, bigoted, ideas that were created by desert-dwelling, homophobic, mysogynist cavemen.

As a mother of two toddlers I am enraged by the idea of people trying to change a curriculum that has been designed for their well-being. Perhaps they take pleasure in providing a period of innocence for their children.

Ontario sex ed curriculum cbc in Hollywood

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