Comprehensive sex education vs abstinence only in Truro

Kaiser Family Foundation and Guttmacher Institute. We determined the proportion of the three major ethnic groups white, black, Hispanic in the teen population 15—19 years old for each state [12]and assessed whether the teen pregnancy, abortion and birth rates across states were correlated with the ethnic composition of the teen population.

Press enter to search. It also teaches interpersonal and communication skills and helps young people explore their own values, goals, and options. We used non-parametric Spearman correlations to assess relationships between variables, and for normally distributed variables we also used parametric Pearson correlations, but these results showed the same trends and significance levels as the non-parametric correlations.

Comprehensive Sex Education teaches about abstinence as the best method for avoiding STDs and unintended pregnancy, but also teaches about condoms and contraception to reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and of infection with STDs, including HIV. After accounting for this influence, the level of abstinence education still had a significant influence on teen pregnancy and birth rates.

comprehensive sex education vs abstinence only in Truro

Help us improve. Finally, the logic used in the second half of the statement would be almost laughable were it not so dangerous. The first teachers that children have are more likely than not their parents. The United States leads the world in teen pregnancy rates and teen birth rates. All Answers Ltd.

Comprehensive sex education vs abstinence only in Truro думаю

Jean Brown is a Registered Psychologist, licensed professional teacher, and a freelance academic and creative writer. As compared to abstinence, comprehensive sex education is more effective in reducing risk for STIs and unplanned pregnancy. Study Resources Free resources to assist you with your university studies!

In contrast, those who commented on the positive aspects of their sex education mostly commented on other aspects of the education other than abstention, such as education about sexually transmitted diseases and how they were encouraged to focus more on their education and life goals. HIV education is mandated in 34 states and the District of Columbia.

Only 13 states require that the information provided in a sex education class be medically accurate and contain verifiable facts.

The data are reported as number of teen pregnancies, teen births or teen abortions per one thousand female teens between 15 and 19 years of age. Teaches that a woman faced with an unintended pregnancy has options: carrying the pregnancy to term and raising the baby, or carrying the pregnancy to term and placing the baby for adoption, or ending the pregnancy with an abortion.

There are two main approaches towards sex education: abstinence-only and comprehensive sex education Table 1.

Comprehensive sex education vs abstinence only in Truro

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