Abstinence education vs comprehensive sex education in Colorado Springs

Get all the stories you need-to-know from the most powerful name in news delivered first thing every morning to your inbox Arrives Weekdays. Backers of the bill, including Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, say abstinence-only education causes more harm than good. Denver, Colo. The bill sponsors claim that by teaching that heterosexual marriage is the only morally correct family structure, abstinence-only sex education programs exclude and stigmatize LGBT youth, as well as children of never-married, divorced, or LGBTQ parents.

About Complete Colorado — and how to stay connected with us! The law stated that young people have a right to comprehensive sex education that is age-appropriate, medically and scientifically accurate, and culturally sensitive to LGBT and disabled individuals.

Comprehensive sex education teaches abstinence as well as other methods like the use of condoms, pills, and injectables. Teaches that a mutually faithful, monogamous relationship in the context of marriage is the expected standard of sexual activity. In January, as distraught speakers at the first House committee hearing spilled into four overflow rooms, Todd invited parents to meet in her office upstairs.

Much of the outrage was spurred by social conservative groups, which sent emails to their followers that contained incorrect information about the legislation. Taken in conjunction, the two studies make a strong case that any future investment in school-based sexuality education should be focused on comprehensive sexuality education.

Abstinence only education has been critiqued to be unrealistic and ineffective since a number of adolescents are already sexually active and that it does not really lower the risk for unwanted pregnancy and STIs. Edit Close. From an ethical standpoint, the two arguments are quite distinct.

She has been teaching social science courses both in the undergrad and graduate levels.

Топку Браво, abstinence education vs comprehensive sex education in Colorado Springs

Neither is the case. Complete Colorado — Page Two. Second, the co-sponsors created six bipartisan amendments that were unanimously passed at the recent hearing to help clear up misconceptions about the bill. Denver, Colo. Your notification has been saved. I was really impressed by the students who indicated that this will drive a further wedge into the problem.

  • Both of them encourage abstinence; however, comprehensive sex education also endorses other kinds of methods such as the use of condoms, pills, and injectables.
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Abstinence education vs comprehensive sex education in Colorado Springs

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  • Todd notes that while. Abstinence-only education is also known as “sexual risk avoidance,” and Colorado received more than $, in Title V money to teach SRA.
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  • School districts can choose whether or not to teach sexual education, and Colorado law already prohibited abstinence-only education, but. abstinence-only-until-marriage programs in Fiscal Year Colorado education and/or human reproduction is taught, teachers must emphasize abstinence. Colorado Springs School District Cancels Sex Education Presentations.
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