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You even ask him another time if there is s9meone else, or has he been looking at porn, and he suggests you have maybe seen a letter from an old friend? I''m not sure what same sex experiences he has had. Being honest with each other has brought me a lot of clarity.

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He says he loves you and desires you and wants to work on the marriage. You know you are not expecting him to fill you. This is my way of paying it forward for all the help I received from Straight Spouse Network.

I was told that the women I loved had separated from her husband, that she has never loved him, that she has been miserable for years and that it was a business marriage centred around their careers. It may lead to living together or at least being in an exclusive, committed relationship.

See Also Wife best how to hook up at gay entered our marriage with our eyes wide open knowing life was not going to be easy. Not only has he come out after 32yrs, but has also been diagnosed with lung cancer!

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I do wish the same for everyone here. You have 2 minutes left before being logged out. I am the other side of your situation, i have just outed myself to my husband and after some time to reflect he has begged us not to separate.

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I suspect that is why your boyfriend refuses to talk about it. I would love to see this written from the man who mismarried the lesbian or bisexual person. I never cheated on her, so I guess that is the biggest difference here. My husband, best friend and person I knew has finally faced up to years of cheating.

Here we are getting only this woman's version. Keep strong.

See Also Wife best how to hook up at gay

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